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Thursday, March 29, 2012

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Episode 10 Of beautiful Cockroach

Episode 10 : (for previous parts check page one ) (MAHAEPISODE) Thank you For comments ..Most of you I pmed is indeed co... Read more »

Monday, March 26, 2012

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Part 35 (Speechless)

P A R T 3 5 : when Dev got message from Geet to meet her he was shocked as much as happy. He thought for a while about th... Read more »
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Part 22 ( Softly Spoken)

PART 22 The sound of the door opening brought her back to the present.. She saw her mother entering the room, with immense excitement and ... Read more »
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Part 21 ( Softly Spoken )

  PART 21 She didn't remember how many times she got fainted in between, the only thing she could comprehend was that ... Read more »
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Part 20 ( Softly Spoken)

  PART 20 -----------------Flash back continues---------------- Some ticklish sensation and a feeling of ... Read more »
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Part 19 (Speechless)

  P a r t 1 9 : Dev's heart skipped several beats by just looking at her and he remembered his all secret GFs [ chi chi Bab... Read more »
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Part 18 (Speechless)

P a r t 1 8 : Engagement Party Maaneet or Deveet Lets C who is the star of the eve there was hustle and bu... Read more »
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Part 17 ( Magicia)

  Part 17 30 October 2011 18:49 Rain stopped and still he laid atop her and she was playing with his hair and he was licking the b... Read more »
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Part 16 (Magicia)

  Part 16 When he put her back he fell down and his hands caught with the dori of her salwar And Maan ke doley sholay kab kaam aye h... Read more »
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Part 15 ( Softly Spoken)

  Part 15 Continution of Geet's flashback: She took a sigh relief.. now she would be able to reach Delhi in time.. S... Read more »
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Part 14 (Magicia)

  Part 14 30 October 2011 17:12 Oh god she fainted I could have told her , my mistake why cant she put her belt . His eyes st... Read more »
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Part 12 ( Magicia)

  Part 12 Brij's Room ( oyee all Pakis listen Both speechless and softly spoken girls around 20-22 vanished in air ..if anybody ... Read more »

Sunday, March 25, 2012

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Part 11 (Softly Spoken)

Part 11 Geet's flashback (continue): She opened her tightly closed eyes and tried to watch the person... Read more »
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Part 10 (Magicia)

  Part 10 But cant do any Bhangra ..but she terrifically did in her mind and Called both her pothas and ' cried 'which ... Read more »


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