Tuesday, September 25, 2012

OS : Hamarey Babiji Deepaliji


Good Morning Babiji …RK smiled innocently at Deepali

Madhu stared, just a moment before Deepali told that , but here what she is seeing is totally different , he is calling her Babiji .. So what he is calling you Biwi , she dismissed the positive thought about him and decided to listen Deepali .

Good Morning Babiji he repeated

Gu .Gu ..Good Morning ..

RK: Gu Gu Good Morning ..he repeated in the peculiar tone then he saw the Tea tray brought by her ,

What's this Babiji , why you need to bring it like servants , please ..please ..he pleaded  remember now you are babiji of superstar RK you don’t need to do such works of SERVANT's in this house…ok …don’t hurt me babiji it hurts when I see you like this …. , ok forget past .. He said in mocking worried voice

His each words whipped her soul a thousand times and all the colour she put on her face even that of heavy makeup  ,along with the fake smile vanished .. She even forgot Madhu was watching everything curiously .

RK .RK you ..You ..she quickly shed the Nice-mask she wore and instantly turned to her real colours..

Madhu stared RK , RK totally ignoring the fuming Deepali , What ..why are you staring at me .. Did you forget the cultures .. She is your Babiji , now kneel down and take her blessings , You are very very …VERY younger than her .. Isn't it babiji .. Deepali's heart exploded by the third very much stressed "VERY younger" all she could was manage to fit a fake smile on her lips

No No ,,need for that we could ..

Madhu confused and though she don’t wanted to obey RKs words without fighting doesn’t have any issues with respecting a person elder than her , she was about to bent and take Ashirwad , she felt a tug on her waist and the next moment she felt herself crashing down to RKs chest , in a tight hug ,


Biwi Biwi ..he chanted romantically , Thuhmara yadash Ithna Kum Kyun hi lagtha hi har females ka yahee problem hi , biwi Biwi why your memory is so weak , It seems every female got the same problem ... he looked sharply at Deepali , reminding her of something ,


You are wife of RK , the superstar , and RK does not want his wife even if for Ashirwad kneel in front of someone . , Madhu was very angry at his taking advantage of her and the hug was so tight that she cant even move in his arms , she spoke angrily … So what You want RK So Ap Chahthey Kya hI RK , and she looked angrily at him , but he looked in to her eyes intensely Hum Tho Bahuth Chahthey hi ..Lekin .. I want to tell you in Akeley , I want so much , but I will tell you when we are alone …he pause  babiji. Apko or Sikki Ko bee Akeley Mey bathem Karne hogey  Right babiji  …and he smiled in a special way

Deepali scowled and then grinned gritting her teeth ,,

don’t you understand it babiji , I ..want some time ..alone .. .. And don’t worry about my Tea , my Biwi is here , he hugged her closer making Madhu hard even to breath and his dominant male scent enveloping all over her was making things further tormenting ,my biwi will make it for me .. AJKdr

But Deepali was not someone to give up easily she spoke but you have the habit of Coffee ...

He interrupted , I had , … I had the habit , but now I prefer drink Tea , continued looking cutely and equally passionately  at squirming Madhu's eyes in his Arms ..

Now .will you ..babiji , …he said huskily and almost shouted .. Don’t forget to close the door when you go ..babiji , he heard her stomping out … …We will be late on breakfast and please don't bother to bring that here like  servants ,Apka Vo Zamana Gaya babiji That time of yours is gone  he looked at Deepali meaningfully , warningly , standing and looking madly at him and madhu in his arms and he looked at Madhu , smirking ..….It will take sometime for us to come down … ….. Hi na Biwi ..right Biwi ….

And continued his romantic gazing on Madhu enjoying and making her uncomfortable of the spell of his closeness creating on her ..and getting himself lost in her eyes unconsciously to some degree ..and he broke from his reverie instantly when he heard the sound of door getting slammed angrily , and his hold on Madhu loosened a bit and Madhu quickly freed herself from him ..she stared at him unable to comprehend what to say while he continued smiling looking at her though shaken inside a bit .confused a bit what magic she has created in him .


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  1. Awesome OS Dear .
    Keep up your good work

  2. U love deepali sooo much naa..:=)
    OS - as awesome as ever..


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