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OS : The English Philm

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Hey Guys This is My attempt on Arhi after a break , tell me how it came remember You feedback is very important for meee

Arnavji Arnav-Jji ..
Arnav smiled sweetly , ok Khushi You can call whichever name you like ,
he said seeing her feeling it difficult and nervous to call him as Arnav , but stopped in the middle seeing her face expression change in to complete naughtiness , devilishly
Oh.hold on ..Not Lard Governor .. Ok Now tell me what you want before she could ask or argue on that he promptly asked.
Though a bit disappointed at her golden chance getting missed in a matter of second ,but the things she wanted to tell him was more interesting she quickly excited again and said ..
Arnavji , we have to go 9 O clock after dinner , when everybody else sleep and then we go out . like you know sneaking Out .. And she went on , I always wanted to watch last show but since we wont get any auto – rickshaw after the show end and babuji cant drive .at night too , my that dream never ...
Arnav really excited as much as her .. Ok ok .. There will be less traffic too and we will go long drive after that .. Its excellent Idea that you bought last show ticket ..
Really You like this Idea of the Last Show … I thought … Wow Great Chalo Acha Hua , , now super excited Khushi ,
Yup , the Idea of getting last show is really Good well done KKGSR ..
But when did I took tickets was ..(Lekin humney kaha ticket liya ye tho).
What you don’t get the ticket yet ?? Arnav very much irritated as he has seen his romantic plans get spoiled
Nahee , Ap Ithney Jaldee Chidthey Kyun Ho …Hum ye bathana Chahthey they kee…Why are you getting angry so fast , I mean to say its not meee , , the humble simple Khushi don’t wanted to take credit of others ..
Then they heard NK .
Ha Nannav , I always wanted to ask you Why you are getting angry so fast ..
Then a naughty , smile appeared on his cute face .
.I Know I know ..But don’t worry after today you wont get These goosa fast , I made brilliant plans for you … These English film Idea is mine only , Me only arranged tickets for you ..
Khushi dramatically introduced NK , showing its his Idea , very much pleased as Arnav too liked the Idea very much
Goosa nahee NKG its gussa , but the Hindi Teacher Khushi always there to help
Arnav now lost hope , yea definitely NK will be there to explain each and every thing , and don’t miss his chance of pay back as English Teacher to his sweet desi Hindi Teacher , he started to loosen his tie and removed the coat and then he took the coffee .. fed up , lost hope
Ok Khushiji you guys get ready and by the time you guys come back I will arrange everything here .. Ok .. she showed thumps up to Khushi , Khushi too nodded agreeing him ..
Arnav thought wow great , that means he is not coming , for that he should appreciate NK, the smile returned his face . but made a small disappointed sound “Oh ..” Just to cover his over excitement
Khushi noted , and took it really serious since she wanted NK to be with them too , Khushi slightly disappointed Is it really necessary that you have to stay NKG
Arnav now completely irritated started to devour his coffee as if he is taking his revenge , and gritting his teeth he asked Yea NK .Why dont You join Us … You should come with Us ,Khushi will Miss You … and turned Khushi sarcastically asked , which poor Khushi and NK can never understand in their life
Khuhsi … And why you don’t Invite Akash , Payal , Dee and Nani..
Ghowsh ..! ..Nannav ..what are you saying .. Khushiji want to seduce you and you want us all .. He shook his head embarrassed .I never Thought You could be such a fool .Nannav .and Yea Now I got It … Thats why Poor Khushiji had to do all these … then she sympathetically looked at Khushi and said in the best possible assuring tone .. Khushiji I am here Anything for You my Desi Girl ..
.and without wasting time started to think , plan something seriously looking at the room arrangements
That was a perfect historical critical WHAT THE moment , and it came
Spitting the poor coffee .. On floor ..
He looked Khushi and NK in puzzle, with a very common expression that never actually left , came as frequently as it could since he met the ever 'ajeeb'( strange) KKGSR
Whaaaat theaaa ? … Again ..Kya Hi Arnavji .., Coffee Wasn’t good enough , she instantly took the coffee and took a zip
Its good .then what . She innocently looked at perplexed Arnav

By then NK took some notes on the paper he brought and again looked at Arnav disappointed shaking his head and give an All the Best to Khushi , You get ready , the film is too good , it will give all the tips you Needed …
All the best Khushiji ..and he went ..and patted on Arnavs shoulders ,
You need to .. Then again shook his head and prayed looking up the god , Hey Devi Mayya please Khushiji ka Balla Karna
Definitely a best prayer he learned from His own Khushi ji..
Khushi smiled and nodded , and got busy in getting ready.
And before NK cross the lobby he felt a tug on his Arms , he was stopped by Arnav , Furious One
May I Know , what that "all the best is for ?"
Common Nannav ,
Grow Up Dude ..
She want to seduce you and you and you dont understand anything …shame on you ..i never thought . you could be such a beka wolf ...
Then suddenly some other thought stuck on his brains he instantly bite all of his 4 fingers and screamed ..
Nannav is everything ok With you ….!!!?????? Merey Bhaeee
Arnav pushed him to corner completely losing it , instinctively NKs hands went crossing over his chest , protecting himself ..
No No ..No .Nannav ..i am not that type. and Remember we are brothers ,,.
Shut Up NK … Everything is more than fine with me ..i just wanted to know whats happening here , what you guys are planning
Common Nannav she told me she want to seduce you and you act .
What ..did she told you ???!!! !
The possessive Singh Raizada cant take that easily ..Khushi sharing the intimate .. No ..Never …He know his Khushi definitely ..there will be some misunderstanding ..
Yes She told me , she want to Manana you .and all ., like ..Watching English film ..and .
Whats best other than watching " The Intimate Rules Of Seduction" ( a porn movie that was running on theatres don’t Google for it guys , its only my imagination ..LOL )..and I got it .. you know i have watched it 8 times and me and Akash is going tomorrow too .. See even payalji dont need to watch it ..You know ..what i mean …and …Poor Khushiji .. Bikaaree Khushiji … he cant stop himself from feeling concerned for Khushi
Arnav cant stop laughing ..Manana ……hmm seduce ..
Yea .Khushiji showed me , Arnav's eyes popped out ..of shock
The song "Balma Tum Balma Ho Mere Khali Naam Ke"

. You havent seen the Hindi film Song Rishi Kapoor is angry and Sree Devi dancing and manaying him know seducing and making him stop going and all ,.and they hu …you know .. And she want it English film way , as you like English only she told me .hu ..macho .eh …hmm he blushed ..
Arnav smiled now he understood everything , …Great , the irritating mistakes that NK always make , now really turned Awesome …
Khushi might have explained the 'Manana' , showing bollywood song and she might also mentioned English Film ,and NK took it in English Ways and …LOL ..great .. " The Intimate Rules of Seduction …" ..Well Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada I am going to enjoy This Plan of yours very much …
And with a smirk he went back to his room and NK looked at him .
Eh . All the best You too Nannav …..blsuhed ..and get busy with his plans …
----------------- Hey Guys Tell me how is it and do you want me to Continue the Movie plans ..?? Let me know by your comments and likes ..-----------
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