Me Magicia Thank You All

Welcome all To My Blog

Thanks to all my friends who stood by me in my Rough times with their sweet comments.
Thanks to Rabia for making me realize the requirement of a blog
Thanks to Sehar to help me post all those long crazy updates ...
Love you all.............

Now scared usual ... thinking what to fill in these pages ..LOL


  1. hey magicia.....u didn't update ur new FF---Dark Fantasy here...I am tushti-kiran

  2. hey Magicia... ur new ff s awesome... god i hv gt a jhatka 2 read 1st chap... its.. princess_mimi

  3. rely your arhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ff's offfffff awesome each n evrythg u say is felttttttttttttttttt by me emotinally n physically lolllllllll


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