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Geet , soon to be a Nun,which she don't like at all , she is not forced but because of her obligation towards church and  Maasi who save d her (details in ff )  , presently she is Maan's home nurse from 18.30 to 8.. maan is in a "coma  vigil " state .she works to find means for her study MBBS .Her course is over waiting for convocation and soon she is going to return back her orphanage to undertake "novitiate" ( i dont know much details about the process of making nuns .pardon me for errors and help if you know it so that  i can correct ). One night , she do a beautiful sin for which maan was dying for . Is it enough guys ..please please press like button that gives me a count how many like it and motivates me to write further ..

Hey Readers Whoever Read This Please Comment On Each update If Possible To Motivate me ..Because some sort of response is what all i need now ..  Especially now my daily dose of unlimited Inspiration  Gurti on screen (and off screen   )   is missing Now 


  1. When are you going to update Mystery Girl?

  2. Y dont u update dear???????

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